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Our conditions

Minimum age : 18 years old (young driver supplement)

You can pay: online by card, in agency by card, by bank check or holiday vouchers.


Insurance: All risk insurance

Amount of franchise: €600 up to €2000 depending on model (see details under each offer).

Deposit: same of surplus by bank queque (not cashed)


At Roland Garros or Pierrefonds airport: Réunion Location takes care of you. This will prevent you from waiting at the airport after many hours of flying and paying the airport tax.

Everywhere: An agent delivers the vehicle directly to your place of residence!

COVID 19 cancellation conditions

In the event of cancellation, we offer you an immediate refund of the full price paid for the canceled service.

General conditions


Rental vehicle for private use.


The vehicle is intended exclusively for private and personal use as a passenger vehicle.


The driver of the rented vehicle certifies being in possession of a driving license valid for at least 2 years, to be 23 years old (18 years old and 0 year of driving license for the “young driver” option) and to have enough points to use it. “The vehicle can only be driven by the tenant (s) declared in the contract to the exclusion of any other driver.” The tenant remains fully responsible for the rented vehicle and its accessories.


The tenant cannot assign or sub-rent the vehicle.


This contract is concluded from (date on the back) to (date on the back)


At the end of the contract, the tenant is required to return the vehicle to the rental agency at his domicile or at any place indicated by the latter.

The rental contract and the responsibility of the tenant only end upon receipt of the vehicle, keys and papers by the tenant or a person authorized by him.

The vehicle, as well as all the accessories available for the tenant must be returned in the condition found at the beginning of the rental. The loss as well as the deterioration of the vehicle or accessories oblige the tenant financially.


This contract is agreed and accepted upon payment (see back)


Any costs incurred by the owner to return the vehicle are on tenant’s responsibility. The same will apply to the additional fuel if the vehicle has been picked up with the full tank and it is not return in the same conditions. (Conversely, no reimbursement will be made). More generally, he will pay for all of the services, services rendered and expenses paid on his behalf by the rental agency out of necessity or convenience of management.

This volume of fuel will be invoiced at a flat rate of 30 to 100 € including tax depending on the category of the vehicle (specified on the rental contract).

The customer must pay for repairs caused by a fuel error.


The renter agrees to maintain the vehicle to the best of his ability, to carry out all the checks made compulsory or deemed necessary. Except in the event of assumption of responsibility by an insurance company, he will support all repairs which would become necessary as a result of degradations resulting from his act or from third parties. He must maintain it, for the entire duration of the rental, and make it in good repair condition as well as in perfect state of cleanliness. He will not be able to make any modification or arrangement in the vehicle. He will regularly check the different levels (oil, water, steering or coolant) and check the tire pressure. The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by his negligence. In addition, the tenant is responsible for all damage resulting from filling the tank with unsuitable fuel.


This rental is granted and accepted under ordinary charges and law conditions in such matters and in particular under the following ones that the renter undertakes to perform and fulfill:

Vehicle condition:

The lessee will take the vehicle in the state it is in on the day it is made available. In the absence of a condition of the vehicle drawn up contradictorily between the parties on the day of entry into possession, the lessee will be presumed to have received the vehicle in good used condition and clean without subsequently being able to establish proof to the contrary.

Enjoyment: The tenant must enjoy the vehicle. In particular, He must take all precautions to strictly comply with the prescriptions of all regulations and the Highway Code.

Prohibited uses:

The tenant is prohibited from using the vehicle:

to take part in motorized sporting events, vehicle tests and as a driving school;

to transport goods or people for remuneration;

to tow or move another vehicle in any way;

overloaded with a number of people or a payload exceeding the values indicated by the manufacturer;

to transport flammable, explosive, toxic or dangerous goods;

to commit crimes, misdemeanors and other offenses.


The vehicle and the equipment that make it up are ALL RISK insured policy, by the rental company with a insurance company. Civil Liability + Theft + Fire + Ice + Natural Disasters + Technological Disasters + Damage to all accidents. Damage, Fire, Natural Disasters, Theft : from € 750. Theft from a trailer is not guaranteed.

Vehicle Legal Protection: For disputes that you encounter with a third party identified in relation to the ownership or driving of the vehicle.

Assistance: You benefit from assistance 0 km, breakdown and accident. Your vehicle is repaired even in front of you. You and your passengers benefit from assistance in Green Card countries in the event of breakdowns and accidents.

Occurrence of damage: The tenant must immediately notify the police or gendarmerie in the event of an accident, theft, loss, fire, damage caused by game or other damage and have a report or trial established. -verbal attesting to the conditions under which the incident took place. In any event, the lessee is required to inform the lessor of any event affecting the vehicle. If an amicable accident report is drawn up by the tenant, this must be completed at the scene of the accident, with the other driver, in accordance with customs and regulations without any section being evaded or ignored. Particular attention will be taken to the draft. If the accident involves several vehicles, an amicable accident report will be drawn up with the driver of the vehicle preceding it, and another report drawn up with the following. In the event of the other driver’s refusal to sign the joint report, the registration number of the opposing vehicle must be noted by the lessee. The tenant must then try to obtain the testimony of the people who attended the accident, or seek the intervention of a police officer or a gendarme. The completed statement must be sent to the insurance companion within five working days after it has been previously presented and validated by the lessor required to comply with the above deadline which is of public order (art. L. 113-2 of the Insurance Code).


The rental company is in no way liable to the tenant or third parties for accidents or damage occurring during the rental period. The lessor is not liable for damage caused by a defect affecting the vehicle, unless this defect is the result of intentional fault or gross negligence on his part.


In the absence of payment or execution of only one of the conditions herein, the rental contract will be automatically terminated after sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt which has remained unsuccessful. In addition, in accordance with the provisions of article 1226 of the Civil Code, it is expressly agreed that the entirety of the unpaid amounts on their due date will be, by way of penal clause, increased by ten percent, eight days after the sending, by the lessor, of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, claiming the payment and indicating his intention to implement this clause. The above provisions do not preclude the termination clause or the payment of damages claimed by the lessor.


The cautionary deposit is fixed at the sum of 750 to 1500 Euros.

This amount will guarantee the proper performance of the obligations and sums to which the tenant is bound. The security deposit minus 50 euros will be returned when the vehicle is returned, after the parties have taken care to check the condition of the rented item.

The sum of 50 € will be kept for a period of 2 months after the return of the vehicle to prevent the reception of reports attributed to the rental.

The contractual excess in the event of a fully or partially responsible accident; for damage of a cost lower than the excess, the rate corresponding to the repair estimate (manufacturer, bodybuilder or approved expert) will be applied



(The volume of fuel missing when a difference is noted on the level during the return of the vehicle).

Traffic violation

The amounts of fines and miscellaneous fines, parking fees and legally payable by you and related to the use of the vehicle noted during the rental. PLEASE NOTE: you are responsible for paying the fines legally payable by you, as well as for all other sums for which you are financially and/or criminally responsible, in the event of non-compliance with the applicable driving and parking rules, directly with the body or administration in charge of their recovery.

Car Mileage

Our vehicles are inclusive of unlimited mileage. No mileage costs can be charged to you.



All reservations must be accompanied by a 30% deposit by check or by credit card numbers to be considered guaranteed. This will be guaranteed until the delivery of the vehicle. Payment for additional invoicing on site by credit card, check or holiday vouchers upon receipt of the vehicle.

Providing us your credit card details to guarantee your reservation is considered approval of the debit authorization.

Booking modification

Any modification to the reservation is possible without extra charge. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of vehicles. In the event that a modification is not possible, you must respect the original reservation or submit to the cancellation conditions. For any early return, the remaining days are on your responsibility. For any extension validated by rental meeting, the cost of additional days will be invoiced according to the daily basis of the first contract.


Cancellation possible within 20 days before the vehicle pick-up date without extra charge with reimbursement of the deposit received. After this period, the deposit check will not be refundable.

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